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BETTER STAR - Professional Furniture & Furniture Parts Manufacturer

We are Better Star Co., Ltd., founded in 1991, is a furniture and parts factory. Our main products are Valet Stand, Coat Stand, Wall Shelf, Coffee Table, Wooden Table, Wooden Shelf, Wooden Cabinet and Furniture Leg. Our target markets are in Europe , United States , Middle East and Japan.

Main Products: Valet Stand,Coat Stand,Wall Hanger,Wall Shelf,Furniture Leg

Our Wooden Furniture Accessoires includes: Wooden Furniture Parts | Coffee Table | Wooden Table & Desk | Valet Stand & Coat Stand | Clothes Rack & Wall Hanger | Wall Shelf & Wooden Shelf | Wooden Cabinet & Shoe Rack | Book Shelf & Magazine Rack | Bedroom Vanity & Mirror | Serving Trolley Cart | Furniture Leg & Knob | Other / Furniture Accessories

Company Contact Information.

Address: 169-1, Lane 967, San-Feng Road, Fengyuan, Taiwan
Contact no.: Telephone: 886-4-25152420 Fax: 886-4-25150422 Mobile Phone:0970779578
Website: http://www.better-star.com
Website on alibaba.com: http://better-star.en.alibaba.com
E-mail: jackylin@better-star.com