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Wooden Bamboo Leg

Model No. BH-943-1 ~ BH-943-9

  • MOQ: 600 PCS (As Order, As Products)
  • Size: Various Or As Your Sizes
  • Material: Rubberwood or as your material
  • Finished: Un-Finished Or As Your Finished
  • Port: Taichung Port, Taiwan
  • Payment Term: 30% Cash In Advance, 70% Before Shipping.

Wooden Bamboo Leg

  • Can as your size
  • Can as your material
  • Can as your finished
  • Furniture Leg
  • Furniture Parts
  • Furniture Knobs

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Product Specification

Wooden Bamboo Leg

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#BH-943-1 27X27X300 mm 90 g 150PCS / CTN / 14KGS.
#BH-943-2 25X25X300 mm  90 g 150PCS / CTN / 14KGS.
#BH-943-3 28X28X303 mm 110 g 120PCS / CTN / 14KGS.
#BH-943-4 35X35X305 mm 160 g 90PCS / CTN / 15KGS.
#BH-943-5 28X28X448 mm 160 g 90PCS / CTN / 15KGS.
#BH-943-6 28X28X448 mm 160 g 90PCS / CTN / 15KGS.
#BH-943-7 32X32X455 mm 190 g 70PCS / CTN / 15KGS.
#BH-943-8 35X35X580 mm 220 g 60PCS / CTN / 15KGS.
#BH-943-9 35X35X615 mm 390 g 36PCS / CTN / 15KGS.




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